About the Journal

Frontiers in Epidemiology and Public Health is an online peer-reviewed open access journal which encourages the submission of articles focusing on the epidemiology and treatment of various diseases and related disorders in all the fields which includes the novel applications, hypothesis and descriptions of public health policy. Frontiers in Epidemiology and Public Health publishes highly qualified articles related to the new epidemiological advancements and developments that were conducted all over the world.

Aim and Scope

Frontiers in Epidemiology and Public Health aims to publish extensive range of high quality scientific research articles through Open Access by using this platform. The journal offers a time bound review which freely disseminates the current and latest research findings related to the research, teaching of various epidemiological diseases and its related disciplines. Frontiers in Epidemiology and Public Health publishes exceptionally high quality articles such as Research, Review, Case Reports, Perspective, Opinion, and short commentary in the respective fields.

Frontiers in Epidemiology and Public Health publishes the current and ongoing research in the respective field of the journal which covers the entire field of the health care that related to the epidemiology of both communicable and non-communicable diseases that may redirect to future advancements in the field of health and medical care.

All published articles are assigned to Digital Object Identifier (DOI) – CrossRef and are permanently archived and available at Asteroid Publishers website in HTML and PDF formats.

Highlighted Topics

  • Clinical Medicine
  • Public Health
  • Health Care Delivery
  • Epidemiologic Research
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Community Rehabilitation
  • Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases
  • Analytical and Molecular Epidemiology
  • Nutrition Epidemiology
  • Growth Disorders
  • Maternal Mortality