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Editors Guideline

Roles and Responsibilities of Editorial Board Members

The Editorial Board members is a team of individuals who are having vast experience in the journal’s field based on their research interests. The Editorial advisory committee may also can be invited to other journals which may suit to their research interest and lies within the scope of the journal.

The roles and responsibilities of Editorial Board Members include:

  • He/she should be expertise in subject matter and should have vast experience in the concerned field.
  • Capable of Reviewing the submitted manuscripts as the final decision be taken by the Editors.
  • Need Valuable Advices and suggestions regarding the Aims and Scope of the journal.
  • To support the journal in terms of releasing the special issues by acting as Guest Editor for that particular special issue.
  • Conducting editorial board meetings during the time of conference.
  • Suggesting the journal by referring to the colleagues, students, researchers who are interested to submit the research works.
  • Need to support the journal in terms of valuable contributions at least 4 times in a year.
  • Providing high quality and good number of manuscripts to the Publishers that can be maintained by the journal credibility.
  • Need suggestions, valuable information regarding the development and growth of the journal and to take the journal to next level what are the measures to be taken.
  • To provide betterment ideas and also main key topics to be included in the journal website so that the readers might get interested in submitting their manuscripts in the journal.
  • To provide suggestions in maintaining the Editorial team for the journal successfully in order to get improved and to be more active for the journal growth.
  • There should be thorough monitoring regarding the progress of the journal and we will update regarding it and if needed we welcome the ideas for editorial development. The editorial board should be involved formally through an annual editorial board meeting or informally in ad hoc meetings and discussions.
  • To provide strategies and new innovative ideas for the journal’s development. The publishing contact will be in touch regularly to report on the journal’s performance and if possible there will be discussion regarding the strategies for development as well as suggestions also be encouraged among the Editorial Board members.
  • Encouragement in increasing revenue generation for the journal by highlighting through commercial advertising and reprint opportunities, if these forms act as important sources for upgradation of the journal.
  • Promoting the journal among friends, potential authors and eminent scientists.